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 Haunted in the darkness

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Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling

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PostSubject: Haunted in the darkness    Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:30 pm

Wendy held the back of her head, it felt like someone smacked her hard this time. She had a terrible smell in her nose. Trying to come too she looked around the room seeing strange colors as her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. She tried to stand up but fell frantically

"Not this crap again!!!"

She tripped over her own dress

"Ow!!! Damn!!"

Wendy fell on to the cold floor holding her knees together trying to control her emotions

" anyone in here with me....please do not hurt me"

Wendy was un sure who was in here with her. For all she knew it could be another Pheobus or worse....As she sat there waiting for a response she thought about Jim kneeling beside her on the other end of the wall. She imagined it was the time before he was shot and everything else was a bad dream. Jim was on the other side of the wall she thought. But deep inside she knew it was all fake. Wendy thought more realistic about her home life back at the Inn with Flynn. Giving a light smile she tried to stay positive even in the darkness

"I said is anyone in here?????"

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Haunted in the darkness
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