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 Just a few words here and there X3

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Just a few words here and there X3 Empty
PostSubject: Just a few words here and there X3   Just a few words here and there X3 EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 11:07 pm

Sorry I haven't been on the past few days. Still waiting for a reply from Sinbad...

Also, I started my new job on Monday Very Happy Had to go through awful computer programs @_@ On Friday, I got to actually be out on the sales floor! Very Happy It was fun, but boy was I nervous @_@ I had to keep telling customers that I'm still in training @_@

Oh, just a reminder, I have a Bridal Luncheon tomorrow :3 I don't know how long it will last, but yeah XD

I do still have a video I need to finish for this rp >.> I just haven't had the right inspiration for it, sadly v.v

Yes, I know I'm rambling... it's only because I feel I need to say something on here...

Love you all! Very Happy
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Just a few words here and there X3
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