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 Another Unfamiliar Face

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Fa Zhou

Fa Zhou

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PostSubject: Another Unfamiliar Face   Another Unfamiliar Face EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 7:07 am

[[Hey there ^_^]]

Fa Zhou groaned again, feeling the effect of the drug as he finally woke up. Slowly, the room stopped spinning and he could finally concentrate on what was there. Oddly enough, the first thing he noticed was the dead goldfish. It was morbid, yes, but for some reason he could only summon a light surprise . He continued staring about until he saw a figure in the other corner of the room, her back turned to him. For a moment he wondered if this was Helga, the woman he had just recently been incarcerated with, but he realised that this was a different room to before and, in all likelihood, a new room mate.

"Hello?" he said softly, unsure if he wanted to wake her but nevertheless curious. "Are you okay there?"
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Another Unfamiliar Face
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